Episode 90: Answering Listeners Questions

The Good Talk Podcast started their 2021 journey by making a massive action plan to make this year the best of all. Now is the time to get rid of all the personal hurdles which are stopping us from achieving our goals. We always want you to feel...

Episode 78: How To Stay Positive With COVID-19

Oh, 2020! Where has it gone! COVID-19: this year has just been about that single word! We all are trying to cope up with this pandemic in our own different ways. But what we can do to stay positive and motivated if we test positive for COVID-19...

Episode 77: Learning Lessons From Your Own Life

Are you scared of making mistakes? Do you keep going in circles? Do you ever wonder why you keep landing in the same situation over and over? With every passing hour, life teaches us something. It can be as big as winning the lottery or as small as...

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Sagar MehtaSagar Mehta is the author of Don’t Call Her Crazy, and co-founder of a software company. Sagar writes about personal growth and mental health, and is a devoted hobbyist of subjects such as psychology, self-improvement, music and movies. He can usually be found at local karaokes.

Charchil GugaliaCharchil Gugalia is the author of It’s Me Time and co-founder of a software company. Charchil loves to talk about personal growth and success, and is a devoted hobbyist of subjects such as meditation, self-improvement, spas and travel. He can usually be found at the local gym, lifting weights.


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