Episode 124: How To Stop Worrying About Your Career

Sagar shares some tips on how to overcome your fear of career building and play an active role in your professional career. 0:00 – Introduction 0:54 – Sagar talks about the fear of uncertainty 1:29 – Tip 1: Understand where the fear is coming from 2:46 – Tip 2: Understand your immediate goal 3:33 –Continue reading “Episode 124: How To Stop Worrying About Your Career”

Episode 121: How To Overcome Your Fear Of Future

Sagar shares some tips on how to overcome your fear of the future and enjoy your present. 0:00 – Introduction 0:43 – Sagar talks about how the fear of future stops us from enjoying our present 1:28 – Sagar shares 5 tips on how to overcome the fear of uncertainty 1:31 – Tip 1: UnderstandContinue reading “Episode 121: How To Overcome Your Fear Of Future”

Episode 120: How To Overcome Insecurities

Charchil shares some tips on how to overcome insecurities and live your life to the fullest. 0:00 – Introduction 0:41 – Charchil talks about what is insecurity and how it affects us 2:11 – Charchil shares some tips to deal with insecurities 2:20 – Tip 1: Rewrite your story 4:50 – Tip 2: Show loveContinue reading “Episode 120: How To Overcome Insecurities”

Episode 105: Answering Listeners Questions

Charchil and Sagar answers questions from our listeners. 0:00 – Introduction 0:40 – What is the formula for being consistent? 4:30 – How to stay away from negativity and increase your self-esteem? 7:59 – What you should do when you become impatient about your future? 11:54 – Podcast and apps recommended by Sagar 13:48 –Continue reading “Episode 105: Answering Listeners Questions”

Episode 103: How To Fight Anxiety And Stress During Covi‪d‬

Charchil talks abouts how we can bring positivity and motivation during covid pandemic and overcome the anxiety and stress. 0:00 – Introduction 1:00 – Charchil shares 4 tips to overcome anxiety 3:07 – Tip 1: Start journaling 4:35 – Tip 2: Change your workout format 6:35 – Tip 3: Start reading autobiographies 7:35 – TipContinue reading “Episode 103: How To Fight Anxiety And Stress During Covi‪d‬”

Episode 98: How To Stop Masturbating

Sagar talks about how to stop masturbating and have a control over your thoughts, actions and life. 0:00 – Introduction 0:39 – Masturbation – An addiction 2:09 – Take up a challenge 4:27 – Tip 1 to stop masturbation – Identify your patterns 5:50 – Tip 2 to stop masturbation – Delete VPN access fromContinue reading “Episode 98: How To Stop Masturbating”

Episode 97: How To Stop Overthinking

Charchil shares some tips on how you can stop overthinking and clear your mind of anxiety and stress. 01:09 – What is overthinking 02:24 – Tip 1: Write down your thoughts 03:37 – Tip 2: Develop confidence 04:39 – Tip 3: Add physical movement to your body 05:24 – Tip 4: Talk to someone youContinue reading “Episode 97: How To Stop Overthinking”

Episode 90: Answering Listeners Questions

The Good Talk Podcast started their 2021 journey by making a massive action plan to make this year the best of all. Now is the time to get rid of all the personal hurdles which are stopping us from achieving our goals. We always want you to feel supported and stay motivated to achieve yourContinue reading “Episode 90: Answering Listeners Questions”

Episode 80: Fighting The Fear Of Judgement

Can I do this? What will they say? Are they okay with this? Will they agree? When will I gain confidence? They will JUDGE! Kuch Toh Log Kahenge, Logo Ka Kaam Hai Kehna – but how can you accept this? Sagar and Charchil talk about the fear of judgement and what we can do toContinue reading “Episode 80: Fighting The Fear Of Judgement”

Episode 78: How To Stay Positive With COVID-19

Oh, 2020! Where has it gone! COVID-19: this year has just been about that single word! We all are trying to cope up with this pandemic in our own different ways. But what we can do to stay positive and motivated if we test positive for COVID-19? Today’s episode is a special one! Sagar talksContinue reading “Episode 78: How To Stay Positive With COVID-19”