Episode 88: How To Plan Your 2021

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Go easy on 2020, it did nothing wrong!

Some might say, it was a good year because my exams got canceled, or I got close with my family again, some might say it was a bad year as I didn’t get to meet my friends or got a chance to go on a Goa trip.

However, we are all excited and pumped up for 2021 for sure, because the new year automatically feels like a much needed change.

But we don’t know what to expect, right? How to set our goals for 2021? How to plan anything when everything is uncertain?

Our hosts Sagar and Charchil have been with you and motivated you in 2020 and today they will talk with you and encourage you on how you can shape and start your 2021.

They discuss why it is important to count and list your blessings which would then help in your goal setting process.

They also talk about the process to plan your 2021 in three easy steps of What (What is your purpose?), Why (Why you want something) and How (The action plan).

Finally, they discuss why it is important to know where you want to go in life and how you can discover your strengths and make 2021 the best year of your life.

What are Charchil & Sagar’s favourite & recommended books?

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Sagar MehtaSagar Mehta is the author of Don’t Call Her Crazy, and co-founder of a software company. Sagar writes about personal growth and mental health, and is a devoted hobbyist of subjects such as psychology, self-improvement, music and movies. He can usually be found at local karaokes.

Charchil GugaliaCharchil Gugalia is the author of It’s Me Time and co-founder of a software company. Charchil loves to talk about personal growth and success, and is a devoted hobbyist of subjects such as meditation, self-improvement, spas and travel. He can usually be found at the local gym, lifting weights.


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Episode 88