Episode 76: Staying Motivated When The Future Is Uncertain & Facing Your Fears

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Have you ever faced difficulty in choosing the right solutions? Do you fear the uncertainties of the future? Do crossroads trigger danger and anxiety within you? Do you stand confused, unmotivated and lack answers to the above questions?

Sagar and Charchil talk about how we can stay motivated with all the uncertainties around us and work towards our goals daily.

They discuss why it is important to accept the uncertainties, to face and challenge the fears and to find better solutions for it.

Finally, they talk about the importance of looking for opportunities that are in our control and work towards them, to express gratitude, and surround ourselves with positive people and things.

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Sagar MehtaSagar Mehta is the author of Don’t Call Her Crazy, and co-founder of a software company. Sagar writes about personal growth and mental health, and is a devoted hobbyist of subjects such as psychology, self-improvement, music and movies. He can usually be found at local karaokes.

Charchil GugaliaCharchil Gugalia is the author of It’s Me Time and co-founder of a software company. Charchil loves to talk about personal growth and success, and is a devoted hobbyist of subjects such as meditation, self-improvement, spas and travel. He can usually be found at the local gym, lifting weights.


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Episode 76