Episode 57: How To Speak English Like A Pro, Developing Your Confidence, Grammar vs Vocab, And How To Write Better

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Umm! Aa-a! You know… uhhh. Struggling with words & a lack of confidence when you speak English? Struggle with small talk and speaking fluently?

Charchil interviews Sagar about his approach to getting better at English and speaking like a pro.

They talk about the four core skills of Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and how they feed into each other.

They then talk about what matters more between grammar and vocabulary, how to build a vocabulary without pressure over time, and how to get confident with speaking by simply reading out loud.

They then talk about learning how words flow with simple techniques including watching movies without subtitles and looking up lyrics for your favorite English songs to build your flow.

Finally, they discuss why it is important to respect and love a language before starting to learn it, and making it important for you in your life by choosing a time and place to practice it.

What are Charchil & Sagar’s favourite & recommended books?

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Episode 57