It's Me Time!

It’s Me Time

What if we someone said you can know yourself in 5 minutes?

Would you say that’s crazy?

Well, that’s exactly what our book, It’s Me Time, helps you do. With 30 simple, 5-minute doodle prompts, you get to connect with your inner child and your outer adult.

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Don’t Call Her Crazy

What happens when someone you love has demons they cannot tackle on their own? Do you look away? For how long? When you choose to help fight them, how far are you willing to go? What will the journey do for them? What will the journey do to you?

Don’t Call Her Crazy is a peephole into the life lived in the never-ending mess that is OCD. Taking you through the ordeal that the disease unleashed on an unsuspecting family, his family, Sagar explores the meaning of fear, shame, guilt, anger and ultimately, love.

In a journey spanning over 60 years of his grandma’s life, whom he lovingly calls Nani Lakshmibai after the 19th Century Indian queen, the book talks about what mental health can mean in a middle class household, how it gets ignored and avoided and how solutions are almost always available and yet never noticed.

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The Good Talk Podcast

Meet Your Hosts

Sagar MehtaSagar Mehta is the author of Don’t Call Her Crazy, and co-founder of a software company. Sagar writes about personal growth and mental health, and is a devoted hobbyist of subjects such as psychology, self-improvement, music and movies. He can usually be found at local karaokes.

Charchil GugaliaCharchil Gugalia is the author of It’s Me Time and co-founder of a software company. Charchil loves to talk about personal growth and success, and is a devoted hobbyist of subjects such as meditation, self-improvement, spas and travel. He can usually be found at the local gym, lifting weights.


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